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Name Pincham, Eugene

Associated Records

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Chicago Local News (CBS2) - 02-03-1987

Segments: -- CFL rank and file endorse Harold Washington for mayor -- Jane Byrne counters Harold Washington's attack -- Voter registration numbers drop from 1983 levels -- Donald Haider appears at Northwest Action Council -- Vrdolyak presides over 10th ward fundraiser -- Thomas Hynes attends "fun raiser" for his candidacy -- Marines join "show of strength" in Mediterranean near Lebanon -- Kidnappings draw protest from Beirut students -- Clean water bill voted into law by Congress -- Congress votes itself a pay raise -- Senate votes to raise speed limit to 65 mph -- AIDS inflicted doctor suspended by Cook County Hospital -- Eugene Pincham investigated for partisan

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Chicago Local News (CBS2) - 02-07-1987

Segments: -- Jane Byrne seeks Hispanic votes at fundraiser -- Harold Washington says Byrne TV ad causes racial division -- OSOR formed to monitor candidates -- CONDUCT performance criticized by Jesse Jackson -- Eugene Pincham backed by Jesse Jackson in partisan remarks case -- John McDermott comments on OSOR formation (Brantley, Parker) -- Chicago Tribune endorses Harold Washington* -- Donald Haider confident of GOP mayoral primary victory -- Terry Waite rumored to be free -- Philippine turmoil: Communist rebels kill 5 soliders -- Haiti celebrates first year of freedom -- Ku Klux Klan marches in College Park, GA -- David Letterman donates $400,000 to various IN i

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African Roots, American Soil -

Steve Baskerville explores the background of many 'American' products from agriculture to jazz, and finds that they were originally from Africa or invented by Africans.